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Agon Dusk by EVanimations Agon Dusk :iconevanimations:EVanimations 15 0 Magic??? by EVanimations Magic??? :iconevanimations:EVanimations 27 4 Ishiquatl Dragon and the Talisman by EVanimations Ishiquatl Dragon and the Talisman :iconevanimations:EVanimations 43 2 Mimic Octopus EVOLVED by EVanimations Mimic Octopus EVOLVED :iconevanimations:EVanimations 18 6 -COMMISSION- Gadreel by EVanimations -COMMISSION- Gadreel :iconevanimations:EVanimations 27 2 -COMMISSION- Ervyna Pillith by EVanimations -COMMISSION- Ervyna Pillith :iconevanimations:EVanimations 19 1 -COMMISSION- Rorvel Heartfallow by EVanimations -COMMISSION- Rorvel Heartfallow :iconevanimations:EVanimations 13 0 SCP-682 Breaches Containment by EVanimations SCP-682 Breaches Containment :iconevanimations:EVanimations 42 5 FAYDRIAN ZALLISTAR, ADVENTURER! - ref by EVanimations FAYDRIAN ZALLISTAR, ADVENTURER! - ref :iconevanimations:EVanimations 20 12 Seedy Space-dive (SONG LINK in DESC) by EVanimations Seedy Space-dive (SONG LINK in DESC) :iconevanimations:EVanimations 20 0 -COMMISSION- Ryuutsu by EVanimations -COMMISSION- Ryuutsu :iconevanimations:EVanimations 27 3 New Year 2018 resolution -ANIMATED- by EVanimations New Year 2018 resolution -ANIMATED- :iconevanimations:EVanimations 32 4 New Years 2018!!! [animated] by EVanimations New Years 2018!!! [animated] :iconevanimations:EVanimations 24 2 Art Telephone Game 2 by EVanimations Art Telephone Game 2 :iconevanimations:EVanimations 27 3 Cogiraptor by EVanimations Cogiraptor :iconevanimations:EVanimations 21 3 Conquest Vehicles of The Race by EVanimations Conquest Vehicles of The Race :iconevanimations:EVanimations 24 8


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Agon Dusk
Agon Dusk, CEO of NileD and the world's first Trillionaire. A greedy gremlin for a possible future project.

Based upon this much earlier design.  June 13 - Zaorix TopBoss by EVanimations
Ever thought about how absolutely mind-blowing a CD would look to someone who's never seen anything like it before? Even moreso when you tell them it can store your memories.

Tryina push my style a bit, fooling with iridescence, color and shading
Ishiquatl Dragon and the Talisman
Me? Painting? Trying out fantasy? It's more likely than you think.

A bit of material to flesh out a nested IP I've been holding onto for a bit, all connected to the girl seen on my commission sheet.  -COMMISSIONS OPEN- Idle Animations! by EVanimations
Mimic Octopus EVOLVED
An alternate take on the real-life mimic octopus, an astonishing marvel of nature.
This more advanced version (genetically engineered? Idk) has mostly kept its shape but it can walk on land and breathe air, and its camouflage capabilities and intelligence have advanced considerably. It can morph its shape and color at will. It hunts by imitating other creatures and mimicking their call!
If spotted, it can arrange itself into a dazzling array of colors and shapes that can confuse or allure a potential attacker.

Yeah, I played Subnautica. Yeah, I really like the Mesmer. What of it.
A commissioned idle animation by :iconawakened-artifact: for :iconlulzyrobot:'s Gadreel! (A DnD character.)

This commission was Tier 3!
For more info on idle animation commissions:
-COMMISSION- Ervyna Pillith
A commissioned idle animation by :iconawakened-artifact: for :iconmysticfeather:'s Ervyna! (A DnD character.)

This commission was Tier 3!
For more info on idle animation commissions:
-COMMISSION- Rorvel Heartfallow
A commissioned idle animation by :iconawakened-artifact: for Rorvel Heartfallow! (A character in the DnD campaign they run, OC by one Hexen who doesn't have a DA to tag)

This commission was Tier 3!
For more info on idle animation commissions:
SCP-682 Breaches Containment
Whoops, looks like the damn lizard's at it again. Break out the warheads guys, we've got another containment breach...

I'm pleased that there seems to be a bit of renewed interest in SCP lately and I was sufficiently inspired to sketch my take on everyone's favorite indestructible abomination on a rampage, looking a bit worse for wear.

One gripe I have about 682's common depiction is that it often seems like a big mutant crocodile with missing skin - but really, since it adapts to counter any perceived threat in seconds it can theoretically look like ANYTHING. It is, after all, only vaguely reptilian according to the description. So, I decided to go the route of "hulking tangle of muscle, spikes, and armor plates that will generally fuck up everything in its path".

The style is more of a callback to the way I used to draw in high school notebooks when I should have paid attention - I'm growing concerned that my style is becoming too sterile. SCP was, after all, a staple of my high-school life and subject of discussion with my cafeteria friends.
Info for FAYDRIAN ZALLISTAR, ADVENTURER! a recurring villain in ETX and glamorous vanguard for the Terrican Empire, a supremist, retro-futuristic interstellar hegemony of literal giants. It was suggested that I share more about this character.

I personally find her very interesting, and sometimes consider making a spinoff with her as a villain protag.
Self-indulgent? No, YOU'RE being self-indulgent! Well I never.

But hear me out: so often, we see fictional races that are said to be just...superior, that are written in a very self-indulgent sort of way. That superiority is supposed to be taken for granted, and you're not really supposed to wonder what that implies about the writer's worldview. Take for example, Tolkein's elves. What qualities do they pick for their superior race that makes them superior? I kind of want to use Terricans to explore the trope of a superior race, by presenting a fictional culture that superficially appears awesome and attractive but on closer inspection are incredibly flawed, and not at all one to emulate. I feel like Zallistar, as a media stooge, is sort of an excellent vessel through which to explore those themes.

Terricans in their modern incarnation are heavily derived from this character design I made WAY back in 2015  June 3 - Blueblood by EVanimations
I'm thinking of trying for :iconchar-designchallenge: again and this time I'm going to go in with a plan: to try designing critters adapted to the alien environments they dwell in. Any animals will do but no humanoids this time, not for me at least!

You're free to join me if you want and do these in any order! I'll be using RNG to pick mine. These are just a brainstorm...

1) Shallow sea
2) Deep trench
3) Dried seabed
4) Coral reef
5) Tide pool
6) Archipelago

7) Desert
8) Volcanic plain
9) Savannah
10) Gas bog
11) Volcanic vents
12) Post-nuclear wasteland

13) Temperate forest
14) Tropical jungle (floor)
15) Tropical jungle (canopy)
16) Chilly forest
17) Mangrove swamps
18) Meadow / Fields

19) Mountain
20) Cave
21) Canyon
22) Rocky flats
23) Dirt
24) Buried tomb

25) Tundra
26) Snowy forest
27) Frozen lake
28) Mountain peak
29) Ice caves
30) Glacier

Some of these might be a little redundant but that only means there will be more detail to this world!

I really want to do CDC again but I will be gone from the 9th to the 16th... if I do those in advance I will be good.

Happy Hollendaise yall!!!


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evan streb
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm EVanimations, Evan Xreb, zeverev. I love art, animation, and drawing. I freelance for a living but in between jobs enjoy working on personal projects or an oct here or there!

I do commissions too, always open.

For one drawing, like a bust, I'd only ask around $5! Full body and posed would be $15, additional $10 per character. This would be, of course, a high quality drawing by my standards, with full attention to color and shading n such. Additional $25 for anything NSFW.


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Oh, thank you! My icon is my sona, an orange-skinned android with a supercomputer grafted to his face. you can see him in action in a YT update I made in January:…
Also for my birthday:  Birthday Commissions - 6/22/2017 by EVanimations
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